Lunchtime Seminar

A snapshot of the event

Doru Costache joined the Revd Dr Chris Mulherin, ISCAST Executive Director, for a conversation with the Faculty of Catholic Theological College (University of Divinity), Melbourne VIC. The seminar took place via Zoom on 8 October 2021, and was an excellent opportunity for providing details about the many current and exciting undertakings of ISCAST (the Institute for the Study of Christianity in an Age of Science and Technology). Of these undertakings, the speakers mentioned the organisation’s school outreach, the relaunch of the ISCAST journal, establishing a research centre and seeking cooperations with various tertiary institutions, the current round of ISCAST/NZCIS Conversations, and the upcoming double event organised by ISCAST together with project Science and Orthodox Christianity around the World (Athens). The presentation was followed by a lively round of Q&A.

The event’s official flyer