Spiritual Exercises: Natural Contemplation

Still in lockdown and isolation? Experiencing anxiety? Having extra time up your sleeve and not knowing what to do with it? Finding life repetitive and dull? Here’s how you could change all that!

AIOCS’ founding director, experienced Orthodox priest, published author, and lecturer, Doru Costache, organises a new short course, Natural Contemplation, tailored for each need. This course is offered upon request to individual customers or to very small groups of friends, via Zoom.

It begins by introducing the art of contemplating nature in the Orthodox Christian tradition. Depending on the customers, this introduction can be developed over two or more sessions, against the backdrop of our rich tradition of spiritual exercises. After outlining the method, which the author extensively studied in his work, Humankind and the Cosmos: Early Christian Representations (Brill, 2021), a number of sessions can be organised upon request, according to the needs of each customer. These sessions are practical in nature, exercising the elements of the method in concrete natural and artificial settings.

No prior knowledge is required, though the course will be adjusted to the level of each customer. Similar sessions can be organised, upon request, taking as a starting point of the contemplative process other objects, such as the Scriptures, the Philokalia, icons etc.

The purpose of this course is to teach you how to discover beauty, meaning, and serenity in your own milieu. For preliminary enquiries, please write to info@aiocs.net or call 0408810241.

Warriewood Wetlands NSW, 20 May 2020

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