Marriage and Relationships: Wisdom Perspectives

Published author, lecturer, and priest, Doru Costache, offers a new short course, Marriage and Relationships, tailored for each need. This series is presented upon request to individual customers or to very small groups of friends, via Zoom. Prices are negotiable.

The course takes various wisdom passages—from the Scriptures, patristic works, ascetic writings, liturgical texts etc—as a starting point for reflection. After the brief exegesis of the texts (what they actually say), these are interpreted through the lens of the Christian way of life. Lastly, lessons for life are drawn, in regard to relationships and marriage. The learning experience is interactive, the discussions engaging all involved under the organiser’s guidance.

A wide selections of wisdom passages are available, illustrating topics such as: Personal Development and Relationships; Falling Into the Passionate Life; Rising above Selfishness etc.

The purpose of this course is to reveal the spiritual steps leading to a full life for the couple, free from the pitfalls of angelisation, disrespect, selfishness, and abuse.

The Lord Resurrects Adam and Eve. Coptic Icon. Source

For preliminary enquiries, please write to or call 0408810241.