Day One: Women’s Voices

Christ is risen! The first believers who saw the resurrected Lord were women. As a tribute to their courage and love, by way of this audio recording Christian women tell the story of the first day of resurrection. The narrative is found in John 20:19-25, a passage Eastern Orthodox Christians read in many languages during the Vespers of Love (Easter, midday). AIOCS expresses its gratitude for their willingness to participate in this project. Gratitude is also due to all who supported this initiative.

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Arabic The voice of Vivian Gerges (Wollongong NSW Australia)

Assyrian The voice of Anna Andry (Greenfield Park NSW Australia)

Coptic The voice of Margret Botros (Everett Washington DC USA)

English The voice of Zenaida Dunlop (Melbourne VIC Australia)

Finnish The voice of Päivi Vähäkangas (Helsinki Finland)

French The voice of Amelia Nacu (Monthey Switzerland)

German The voice of Alexandra Palkowitsch (Wien Austria)

Greek The voice of Alexia Vasila (Bedford Park SA Australia)

Italian The voice of Rebecca Liberati (Macerata Italy)

Japanese The voice of Marina Bahaa (Kyoto City Kyoto Japan)

Romanian The voice of Otilia Costache (Mona Vale NSW Australia)

Russian The voice of Victoria Bolshakova (Athens Greece)

Serbian The voice of Danka Mrdjenovic (Blacktown NSW Australia)

Spanish The voice of Rosita Cassano (Lake Macquarie NSW Australia)

Ukrainian The voice of Nataly Alyokhina (Banksia NSW Australia)


The Australian Institute for Orthodox Christian Studies

Project concept: Doru Costache, 2021


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