Are Christians Creationists? Must Scientists Be Evolutionists? A Methodological and Theological Answer

On 24 June 2021, Doru Costache gave the tenth talk in the second series of ISCAST Conversations for the current year. The talk was titled “Are Christians Creationists? Must Scientists Be Evolutionists? A Methodological and Theological Answer.” The session was moderated by The Revd Dr Chris Mulherin, ISCAST Executive Director.

Here is the video recording of the talk and the ensuing conversation:

Here is the audio recording of both the talk and the ensuing conversation:


Creationism and evolutionism are ideologies that spring from a wrong understanding of creation and a wrong understanding of evolution. To choose between creationism and evolutionism is not the proper way for Christians and scientists to interact; it is proper to maintain appropriate boundaries. Description (such as evolutionary science) and interpretation (such as the theological doctrine of creation) are methodologically different. As such, they cannot be in conflict. But more distinctions are in order! The theory of evolution (a scientific description) is not the same as evolutionism (an ideological interpretation). Nor is the Christian doctrine of creation (a theological interpretation) the same as creationism (an ideologically conditioned description). I submit that creationism and evolutionism are methodologically problematic: one describes what it should interpret, and the other interprets what it should describe. And while there can be no common ground between the ideologies of creationism and evolutionism, the Christian tradition makes possible a harmony between the doctrine of creation and the theory of evolution. It is possible for theology and science to cross paths in friendly and constructive ways. The solution is hidden in several common Christian doctrines, which I shall briefly review.

A photo taken by Otilia Costache during the talk

The slides of this talk are available here

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