AIOCS Conversations: Chris Mulherin

A conversation with The Revd Dr Chris Mulherin from Catholic Theological College (CTC) at the University of Divinity, Melbourne VIC Australia, on his work in the field of science & faith, and on ISCAST’s activity. Chris also is the Executive Director of ISCAST, which stands for the Institute for the Study of Christianity in an Age of Science and Technology, also known as Christians in Science and Technology.

Chris speaks to us about his complex background, as an ordained Anglican with a background in engineering, philosophy, theology, and mission. Above all, he refers to his passion for faith & science, which led him to joining ISCAST in the first place.

He also discusses aspects of ISCAST’s lengthy history, spanning over thirty years, as well as current directions and activities of the organisation. We learn that ISCAST develops a wide range of outreach activities, from speaking to school students and creating relevant teaching materials to engaging mature popular audiences to fostering a vibrant research culture around the topic of faith & science. We further learn that ISCAST is in conversation with similar organisations throughout the world, and that it also seeks cooperation and partnership with Christian bodies whose missional and educational undertakings it endeavours to enhance by providing much needed resources.

Here is the video recording of this conversation:

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by Doru Costache

23 June 2021 © AIOCS

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