Selby Old Fellow Lecture 2022

On 19 October 2022, Associate Professor Doru Costache offered a public lecture at the conclusion of his one-year tenure as Inaugural Selby Old Fellow in Religious History of the Orthodox Christian Faith at the University of Sydney Library (2021-2022). The lecture, “Codex Angus and Orthodox Christian Studies,” discusses his scholarly research relating to the Orthodox Church and a Byzantine Gospel lectionary, the Codex Angus. The talk begins by addressing elements of the Byzantine liturgical tradition, which Costache sees as typical for a “philosophical” attitude after the classical fashion. It then reviews what is currently known about the Codex Angus and the most recent scholarly analyses. The talk ends by addressing Costache’s own findings, with special reference to the codex’s Paschal season, and final inferences and thoughts.

Respondent: Dr Andrew Mellas

Audio recording