Orthodox Theologies of Divine Participation (Part 2)

Here is the second AIOCS conversation of Wagdy Samir and Doru Costache on “Orthodox Theologies of Divine Participation: Matta al-Miskīn and Dumitru Stăniloae,” held on 11 July 2023. This series focuses on the theology of holiness of the two great theologians, one Coptic Orthodox, the other Romanian Orthodox.

The discussion continues with Wagdy sketching an outline of Father Matta’s pneumatology in terms of a continuous, real indwelling of the Spirit that results in humankind’s transformation. In turn, Doru shows how the same can be said about Father Dumitru, despite the latter using the conceptual distinction between essence and energy. The conversation then addresses the interest of Alexandrians such as Saint Cyril and of Father Matta in the Spirit as source of sanctification. As for Father Dumitru, while he was equally interested in the doctrine of holiness, overall he illustrates the Byzantine, cosmological assessment of the Spirit’s economy.

The series is part of Samir’s research project discussed here, funded by ARTFinc. AIOCS is extremely grateful to ARTFinc for its support.

Video recording

The previous conversation of this series.

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