The SCD’s Theology Research Network-ISCAST seminars in 2023

Associate Professor Doru Costache has recently taken over the chairmanship of the Sydney College of Divinity’s (SCD) Theology Research Network (TRN). The TRN was established in 2020 by Professor Neil Ormerod, fostering the interdisciplinary study of theological topics by way of online seminars, conferences, and publications.

The current two-year cycle of seminars, “Religiously Human in a Techno-Scientific World: Theological, Missional, and Pastoral Perspectives,” has begun in the second semester of 2022, being led by Professor Ormerod. It is organised by the TRN in cooperation with ISCAST (the Institute for the Study of Christianity in and Age of Science and Technology), whose research director is Doru Costache.

The video recordings of the seminars held in 2022 can be accessed here:

Mark Worthing and Glen O’Brien

Doru Costache and Lisa Sideris

Andrew Sloane and Robert Gascoigne

Two more seminars were held in 2023, first semester, organised by Doru Costache. The video recordings can be accessed here:

Nicola Hoggard Creegan and Peter Laughlin

Ted Peters and Marius Dorobantu

All seminars of this thematic cycle have a pronounced interdisciplinary character, considering the topics at the nexus of ethics, philosophy, science, spirituality, technology, and theology.

For further details and updates about the seminars, check out their home at ISCAST.