Divine Presence, Synergy and Purpose

by Doru Costache

I share with you a brief video recording taken during one of my last undergraduate lectures at St Andrew’s Greek Orthodox Theological College (a member institution of the Sydney College of Divinity), semester two, 13 October 2016. I consider particularities of the early Christian representation of reality, based on the wisdom of Holy Fathers such as Athanasius the Great, Basil the Great and John Chrysostom. For the traditional wisdom, created reality is not amorphous and neutral. The cosmos is full of divine presence, nature answers to this presence by cooperating, the world is meaningful and purposeful. To experience the world is an enriching undertaking. In counterpoint, references to aspects pertaining to contemporary cosmology, particularly its agnostic interpretation by atheist scientists and its outcomes for human experience. This video snippet draws information from a range of articles/chapters I published in recent years. If interested in learning more, read this, this, and this.