ANZATS 2023: “Faith & Science” Stream

For the second year in a row, the ANZATS (the Australian and New Zealand Association of Theological Studies) conference hosted a special stream “Faith & Science.” The conference was held entirely online (3-5 July 2023) and focused on the topic “Context & Tradition.” Once again, the major relevant organisations of the region, ISCAST in Australia and NZCIS in Aotearoa New Zealand, supported the special stream, with Doru Costache and Nicola Hoggard Creegan co-chairing the five dedicated sessions. A total of thirteen scholars from three continents offered papers. The papers engaged matters of science and technology from a variety of viewpoints, environmental, historical, philosophical, religious, spiritual, and theological.

Here is the description of the “Faith & Science” stream:

The conversation between theology and science is still an overlooked, albeit important, discussion in an increasingly secular culture dominated by science and technology. Two organisations in Australasia are prominent in advocating for and promoting this dialogue: ISCAST (the Institute for the Study of Christianity in an Age of Science and Technology) and NZCIS (New Zealand Christians in Science). Both organisations are committed to historical Christian faith and to actively promoting constructive conversations between theology and science broadly defined. Hence, they regularly seek conversation partners from theologians, philosophers, historians, educators, scientists, including social scientists, and technologists. This stream, coordinated by ISCAST and NZCIS, welcomes papers and panels that engage with issues of science and Christian theology.

The video recordings of most of the presentations are available on AIOCS’s YouTube channel, in the “Relating Science & Religion” playlist. Here they are (alphabetical order):