AIOCS LTD Annual Report of Activity 2022

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January 2023

Annual Report of Activity


In harmony with its objectives, namely, contributing to the mutual understanding and the wellbeing of the various Orthodox families in Australia, and fostering their cooperation within the contemporary Australian society, AIOCS LTD has undertaken the following activities:

It continued the publication of blog posts on its website and video recordings on its dedicated YouTube channel. The blog posts can be found on the “Father Matta” and the “Faith & Science” sections of the website. The video recordings, accessible on the YouTube channel, can be found either in the “Relating Science & Religion” or in the “AIOCS Conversations” playlists. All these materials are free access.

Along with the above, AIOCS LTD reaches out by maintaining a stream of news items on the website, as well as by way of social media outlets, as follows:

YouTubeFacebook (AIOCS), and Facebook (Relating Science & Religion)

The most notable achievements in 2022 have been, however, winning two small grants. One, from ARTFinc, funds Wagdy Samir’s project “Orthodox Theologies of Divine Participation: Matta al-Miskīn and Dumitru Staniloae.” The other, from INSBS, funds Efthymios Nicolaidis and Doru Costache’s project, “Contemporary Orthodox Christian Views of Artificial Intelligence in ‘Cradle’ and ‘Diaspora’ Communities” (INSBS Collaboration Fund Collab/01/106).

These small but promising beginnings mark an important direction of AIOCS LTD, that is, to contribute to the mutual understanding and rapprochement of Orthodox Christianity beyond the known divides, and to facilitate Australian Orthodoxy’s constructive integration to the world of today by way of research and sound information.

Another milestone reached in 2022 was the establishing of annual Beginnings prizes for the best and most relevant (post)graduate research, to be undertaken under the auspices of AIOCS LTD. By the generosity of Wagdy Samir, who donated his ARTFinc grant to that end, three prizes are available in 2023.

To maintain and develop our work, the organisation also needs support from private donors. We are grateful to the donors who already contributed to our activities, but we hope that the community at large will begin to appreciate our work more in the near future. Currently, apart from the said donors and the small grants mentioned above, our outreach activities receive further support from AIOCS Press, a for-profit precursor of AIOCS LTD.

Donations can be made directly via the following bank accounts:

AIOCS LTD (not-for-profit)

Bank: Westpac

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Account number: 595961


AIOCS (for-profit)

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Indirectly, donations can be made via PayPal at:

or by ordering AIOCS Press publications:

We are grateful for the support of our donors.

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