Ageing Conference

Doru Costache has spoken at the ACOM/SCD/CSU’s Ageing conference, 27-28 September 2018. He presented the paper, ‘Heeding One’s Elders: Discipleship as Learning from and Attending to the Advanced in Desert Literature.’ Here is the abstract of his presentation:

By desert literature I understand the written records of the fourth- and fifth-century monastic wisdom produced within and about the ascetic milieus of Egypt. I focus on two aspects related to ageing in that literature. First, the perception of Christian discipleship as ongoing growth, which culminates in the wisdom of the kalogeros, the ‘beautiful elder.’ Motivated by this understanding, novices learn from the advanced by observing their behaviour, by listening to their wisdom, and by obeying them. Second, the understanding of Christian discipleship as attending to the needs of the elders by their novices. Thus, the elders represent role models and objects of care. Discipleship, in desert literature, means learning wisdom from and taking care of the elders.

The slides of the presentation.

For details on the conference, follow this link.