What is AIOCS

The Australian Institute for Orthodox Christian Studies/AIOCS was established in November 2017, as a result of a thinking process begun earlier in the same year, in February. AIOCS is an unconventional place of reflection, teaching, and learning. It does not offer degrees. Nevertheless, it provides rigorous Orthodox Christian instruction to whoever desires to know more without the quirks of institutionalised study. Its diverse output—by way of series of lectures, seminars, publications, and blog entires—draws upon thorough research. It explores the Orthodox Christian tradition through a variety of lenses, focusing upon its inner structures and criteria, but also contextually. Its goal is to foster a broader interest in the Orthodox Christian tradition and to articulate this tradition within contemporary Australian culture and society. As our partnership with IMAS shows, we are open to cooperations. We also offer training, seminars, and lectures customised for your needs.