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A fundraiser campaign for the next book at AIOCS Press

This fundraiser is for Doru Costache’s volume

St Gregory the Theologian’s Autobiographical Poem: A Diary (Sydney: AIOCS Press, 2021)

The money will be used for the production and the printing of this volume.

The book records the author’s reflections on St Gregory’s Homeric-like poem on his life. The commentary does not address each verse, but the author comments on many of its lines. In these reflections he proposes glimpses of the saint’s portrait as he presented himself. Some of the things he shares with the reader do not match his current scholarly assessment of his character. It therefore is a surprising read, and on many levels. These reflections capture the freshness of St Gregory’s views of the church, society, culture, and life, his pains and aspirations, together with his wisdom and wit.

The reflections will be introduced by a study in which the author discusses St Gregory’s poem, its spirit, its themes. A bibliography and an index of topics will conclude the book. The word-count sits at ca 100,000 words (including the introduction, the reflections, and the bibliography).

The beautiful cover of the volume is made by, Ion Nedelcu, the designer of all of AIOCS Press covers. The original icon on which the cover is based was painted in the thirteenth century, in the church of Saint George, Oropos, Attica, Greece. Currently it is found in the Byzantine Museum, Athens. The author took the original photo on 4 December 2018.

AIOCS Press intends to print this book before the Orthodox celebration of Easter/Pascha in the early May 2021, with the ebook being issued earlier.

Please consider donating for the production and printing of this book. Thank you.