Book Chapter in Romanian

Doru Costache published a chapter in Romanian, ‘Înțelegeri Bizantine: Cartea Facerii, Teologie și Spiritualitate în Canonul cel Mare al sfântului Andrei Cretanul‘ (Byzantine Understandings: Genesis, Theology, and Spirituality in the Great Canon of St Andrew of Crete), based on his previous contributions on the Great Canon, which it develops in the light of recent scholarship. The chapter appeared in the volume Imnografia liturgică bizantină: Perspective critice (Byzantine liturgical hymnography: Critical perspectives), ed. Alexandru Ioniță, Studia Oecumenica 13 (Cluj-Napoca: Presa Universitară Clujeană, 2019) 179-216.

Abstract: The early Christian and medieval reception of Genesis 1-3 is a rich field, but Byzantine hymnography remains an underestimated resource from this viewpoint. St Andrew’s Great Canon contains important pointers to the Byzantine way of reading the paradise narrative, but pays less attention to the creation narrative. To decode the canon’s view of Genesis, I consider matters of its liturgical genre, elements of hermeneutics, and its theological and spiritual framework. My analysis ends with the exegesis of several passages from the canon.

The articles in English which this chapter continues can be accessed here and here.

The chapter can be read here.